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Navigating SEC Regulations in Cybersecurity and Incident Response

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Free video resource for cybersecurity professionals

Hey there, cybersecurity professionals! 

As 2024 approaches, we all know how vital it is to keep up to date with regulatory changes that affect our work. We get it – it’s a lot to juggle, especially when you're in the trenches working on an investigation, handling, and responding to incidents.

So, we’ve prepared a free SEC resource for you. Our latest video resource is led by the highly experienced Robert O’Leary, CFCE, Sr. Solutions Architect (US) at Binalyze.

In this short video, Robert dives deep into the nitty-gritty of the upcoming SEC cybersecurity regulations. It's a useful roadmap to understanding the changes and ensuring your organization keeps ahead of the game.

As he unpacks the SEC regulations effective from December 18th, 2023, we’ll walk you through these critical aspects with clarity and simplicity, focusing on the need for transparency in cybersecurity postures and incident reporting.

What the video covers:
  1. Proactive Threat Hunting: We cover how to stay one step ahead in the cyber chase with practical strategies for identifying and mitigating threats proactively. 

  2. Triage and Artifact Collection: We explain the art of thorough artifact collection and efficient triage – key skills for any cyber defender.

  3. Compliance and Reporting: We break down the new compliance maze, showing you how detailed reporting can help you ace these regulatory challenges without doubling your workload.

We’ll also introduce you to Binalyze AIR, our Investigation and Response Automation Platform powered by DFIR. Think of it as your friendly investigation ally, boasting a user-friendly interface, mighty forensic investigation capabilities, and cool features like endpoint state comparison, off-network collections, and automated evidence analysis alongside compromise assessments.

Why you should tune in:

In-depth Analysis: You want to understand the intricate details of the new SEC regulations and what they mean for you and your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Experienced Guidance: Leverage Binalyze’s comprehensive knowledge and practical strategies to remain compliant within the changing regulatory landscape.

Practical Solutions: Discover actionable solutions and key workflow strategies to keep your organization and work cyber-resilient. It’s all about having the right solution for the task at hand.

SEC compliance isn’t just about ticking off boxes; it's about empowering you to secure the best outcomes.

Watch Now

Don’t let these essential SEC insights slip you by! 

Watch our video and prepare your organization for these important changes. Together, let's not make your cybersecurity investigations just about meeting compliance but more about improving workflow, enabling best practices, and driving efficiencies.