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  • Simplify the digital forensics process with a comprehensive suite of tools

  • Quickly uncover valuable insights from digital evidence

  • Improve accuracy and efficiency in your investigations

  • Accessible to investigators of all skill levels with a user-friendly interface

  • Save time and effort with an intuitive design that streamlines the investigative process

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Real-life success stories with Binalyze AIR

I love to use the solution because it helps our team a lot when responding to a cyber incident. It's fast and accurate, saving us a lot of time. It gives us the required artifacts and evidence within a few minutes that could have taken hours without Binalyze AIR
gartner-peer 5 star
Binalyze AIR is an invaluable product for our DFIR services. It makes the process of collecting and analyzing relevant data in DFIR projects much smoother.
gartner-peer 5 star
The Binalyze AIR offers a great centralized solution for quick triaging within incident response space. The model how the tool works makes it very fast and supports for broad investigation simultaneously.
gartner-peer 5 star
Binalyze is a fantastic toolset for remote forensic investigations. We have extensively tested the product before rollout and are thoroughly impressed with the assistance we have received. The product is continually updated with new features, and they listen to feedback as the next feature usually addresses previous concerns.
gartner-peer 5 star
The AIR provides a fast and effective function in the investigation of cyber incidents in SOC. So you may determine whether cyber event is or not within minutes.
gartner-peer 5 star
I believe that Binalyze AIR brought a new concept to classical digital forensics by creating a perfect enterprise forensic tool that greatly eases the jobs of technical personnel.
gartner-peer 5 star
Working with Binalyze has always been a pleasure, they are responsive and willing to work with customers to incorporate their feedback, further enhancing an already great product.
gartner-peer 5 star
Very fast response capability. It fits the big organization with such a ton of systems in its assets.
gartner-peer 5 star
Digital forensics and Incident response are so important topic for cyber defense center. As a cyber defense center, we have to be fast that's why we prefer to use that binalyze. Our overall experience are so good for using Binalyze

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