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Latest Posts

6 min read

Automated Compromise Assessment with DRONE

DRONE is AIR’s built-in automated compromise assessment technology which dramatically reduces the time required to...

4 min read

Offline collection with AIR

The reality of modern incident response is that it’s not always possible to remotely connect with every one of your...

5 min read

The power of Auto Asset Tagging in DFIR

When a breach occurs one of the first questions the investigating team leader will want answered is, ‘how many of our...

2 min read

The OneNote malware attack – A retrospective

At Binalyze we’re always actively monitoring for the latest exploits and attack vectors. We’re also in constant...

3 min read

MITRE ATT&CK scanning and mapping added to DRONE

The DFIR Lab team at Binalyze have their finger on the pulse of the cybersecurity ecosystem to ensure that our DRONE...

5 min read

Protect your chain of custody with content hashing and timestamping

The awareness and practice of digital forensics has been with us for over 40 years and although often seen as a...

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