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Case Study

"AIR solves a lot of problems but also embraces new approaches to digital forensics. It does require a subtle change of mindset coming from Blackbox forensics. I’m also relatively new to CyberClan, but I’ve been so impressed with Binalyze AIR I’ve actively encouraged former colleagues and peers to go and check it out."

Andrew Caldwell, DFIR Lead at CyberClan

cyberclan case study
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Breach Response,
Managed Security
Services Provider and Risk Management

Global operations


Time-consuming evidence acquisitions. Limited time to triage remote devices. The limited scope of artifacts available.


  • 5x quicker management per endpoint

  • Triage at scale, moving from the acquisition stage to triage quickly

  • Ability to increase caseload capacity through efficiency

  • Can now support larger Enterprise customers with 1,000s of endpoints

Headquartered in Vancouver, CyberClan provides its global customers with first-class Breach Response services. Their portfolio of services broadly covers cyber extortion, ransomware, e-discovery, tailored risk management consultancy services, and unparalleled managed security services.

When customers call CyberClan today, most are in the middle of an active incident and require quick assistance and resolution. As a remote company providing services to small security teams and having an industry-leading response time commitment of 15 minutes, there were a number of operational challenges - notably around quickly collecting data and enabling accurate post breach recovery (PBR).

Since investigations are timebound based on a statement of work (SOW), it became increasingly important to be able to discharge their services whilst providing customers with the best and most valuable information-led insights.

Most investigations utilized several different solutions, and triaging required manual steps and were often limited to a single asset at a time. They needed a flexible solution that could be scheduled to run but also ran ad-hoc so that rapid triage could be performed.

Given time is always critical in a breach, the business acknowledged it needed to work smarter, not harder, by more quickly identifying machines with signs of compromise and IoCs. This model also required high levels of involvement and engagement from their end customers.


Investigation Hub Data Sheet

Find out how the Investigation Hub is the tactical solution to deliver faster, smarter, and risk-free investigations.



Collecting and processing data for a detailed investigation can delay the start, this is exacerbated when you depend on the customer.

CyberClan wanted to lighten the dependency on on their customers, giving them the flexibility to say - we’re here, we’re on it, leave it to us, and we’ll manage all aspects for you. CyberClan needed a solution they could quickly deploy and use to ensure data was collected easily, with support for SFTP, was forensically sound, and not tampered with.

CyberClan wanted to turbocharge the collection of triage data over both offline and remote collection scenarios - alongside looking for ways of speeding up disk imaging efforts - focusing on the evidence that matters first.

They needed to move away from acquisitions taking 8 hours on average and accelerate this to facilitate doing more for their customers, with less involvement.

CyberClan wanted to move beyond the typical time crunch - shifting to increased automation and better prioritization to allow for more investigations per analyst, but their previous patchwork of tools was causing a speed bottleneck, preventing them from taking on more work.


How Binalyze AIR helped

CyberClan is leveraging Binalyze AIR to help manage its wider Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) activities, with a specific focus on using AIR in ransomware cases. For the CyberClan team, it’s all about getting as much relevant data as possible whilst preserving that potential evidence.

Andrew Caldwell, DFIR Lead at CyberClan, shared: “It’s been so easy to get up and running with Binalyze AIR, even the agent is quickly deployed onto lots of different endpoints and performs one big slurp (acquisition). I was able to go through this big amount of information and crosscorrelate an entire domain very easily. Then if I identify something of pertinent value, I can go back and perform a full capture. AIR solves a lot of problems but also embraces new approaches to digital forensics. It does require a subtle change of mindset coming from Blackbox forensics. I’m also relatively new to CyberClan, but I’ve been so impressed with Binalyze AIR I’ve actively encouraged former colleagues and peers to go and check it out”.

Monti Sachdeva, DFIR Lead at CyberClan, went on to explain, “I’ve been really impressed with AIR, all the way from our very first tech demo. In practice, it’s helping us with the acquisition, then automatically firing up the Triage component, letting DRONE, AIR’s automated evidence analyzers, give us even more intelligence. The agent is extremely easy to deploy and use for the average user.

By adding AIR to our arsenal, a single analyst can now manage many more investigations individually. It’s very powerful in getting acquisitions from memory, browsers, RAM, logs, and so many more destinations. We’ve just started using the Investigation Hub feature (formerly Consolidated Report), and we already love it. It’s dramatically improving efficiency when you need to investigate hundreds of endpoints at once, and having one unified view for the entire team is really helpful.

The Timeline feature is also proving to be indispensable in our Incident Response activity. This feature, being largely automated, helps save us more time - removing a lot of reliance on slow manual inputting and juggling of old-school Excel spreadsheet documents. AIR is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for us, keeping all activity within one single pane of glass.”

Final Thoughts

Binalyze AIR is such a comprehensive and powerful DFIR platform. It’s supporting both industry veterans and those new analysts coming into the cyber security space.

AIR is spearheading CyberClan’s training of new colleagues on DFIR fundamentals - with its clean and clear user interface and intuitive design harnessing a powerful depth of capabilities.

“Having a categorization factor of artifacts and being able to pivot inwards, beyond your more traditional warnings of something looking suspicious, and giving priority order - it’s just so useful. It helps us work at scale and even feels a bit like an enhanced EDR function”, shared Andrew.

“We’ve recently attracted some new colleagues into CyberClan, and they’ve shared that a big attraction was because we’re already using AIR; that’s a big compliment because there’s an appreciation growing in the industry for the product,” expanded Monti.

Simon Lang, Head of Digital Forensics & Incident Response at CyberClan, concluded “Binalyze AIR’s robust capabilities in IR triage has significantly streamlined our investigative processes.

It’s a super intuitive and powerful analytical platform, enabling us to quickly identify, analyze, and respond to complex cyber threats.”

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