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Binalyze announces product rebranding and alignment for evidence collection: Meet ACQUIRE and TACTICAL

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Binalyze, the developer of the fastest and most comprehensive digital forensics solutions, has completed a rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth. At the heart of this rebranding is customer-centricity.


For more than three years, Binalyze IREC has helped you acquire evidence for thousands of digital forensic investigations worldwide in the fastest way possible. 

The great feedback we have received in that time, from all over the world, tells us that you love the product. We love it too. Going forward, IREC will become the core engine for all of our commercial solutions rather than a product by itself. 

Today we are announcing two new products to our lineup to cover all your evidence collection needs; ACQUIRE, a forever free digital evidence acquisition tool, and TACTICAL, the ultimate upgrade of IREC.


Light, powerful, and completely free. ACQUIRE is your digital evidence collection solution.

ACQUIRE gives you the following product feature highlights:

  • FREE forever
  • Powered by our IREC Engine
  • One-click installation and setup
  • Collect 40 types of digital evidence
  • Evidence collection time under 10 mins
  • Detailed investigation report (JSON / HTML Format, Export to XLS / CSV / PDF)
  • Unlimited no. of investigations
  • Ransomware shielding

You can download it now from www.binalyze.com/acquire.

ACQUIRE Binalyze free digital forensics tool

TACTICAL – The Ultimate Evidence Collector for Incident Response

Designed as a natural successor to IREC, TACTICAL collects more than 120 types of digital evidence in less than 10 minutes. In addition, it comes with new features such as offline mode and remote evidence acquisition.

Remote evidence acquisition

Instead of just using the solution on machines in person, TACTICAL gives you the possibility to run the evidence collection remotely from the command line. This feature adds flexibility to your digital forensics investigation strategy by being able to collect evidence remotely whenever you need it.

Offline mode

For additional security and applications where the endpoint is already isolated, TACTICAL provides the ability to collect digital evidence in Offline mode without a license check. All evidence collected in offline mode stays encrypted until you connect to the license server and decrypt the evidence to examine it.

TACTICAL Binalyze the ultimate evidence collector tool

Here are the product feature highlights:

  • Powered by our IREC Engine
  • One-click installation and setup
  • Collect 120+ types of digital evidence
  • Evidence collection time under 10 mins
  • Detailed investigation report (JSON/HTML Format, Export to XLS / CSV / PDF)
  • Ransomware Shielding 
  • Command-line execution
  • Offline mode
  • Available as a hardware dongle or soft license
  • Perpetual license and PAYG options

Light, powerful, and easy to use. TACTICAL is your ultimate evidence collector for Incident Response. 

You can download it from www.binalyze.com/tactical

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