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How to perform compromise assessment with 1 click?

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Compromise assessment is an analysis of a network of endpoints or a single endpoint to uncover unknown security breaches, malware, and any sign of unauthorized access. The assessment seeks to discover any present and past attacker traces in the environment.

The goal of compromise assessment is to find digital evidence of potential or real threats by identifying indicators of compromise (IoC) and backing them up with complete and structured evidence reports. 

Compromise assessment role in enterprise security

The assessment process has a very important role in enterprise security even though many organizations don't pursue it since they believe they don't have adequate tools for cybersecurity or do not have the time or resources to implement all the necessary cyber controls.

This approach puts an organization at a high risk since compromise assessment provides you with deep vulnerability insights of your network. Usually, these organizations proceed with essential steps to meet compliance regulations and then accept or shift the remaining risk to their cyber insurance policy.

For every organization, a regular assessment should be incorporated into their cyber risk mitigation plans to ensure all vulnerabilities in their network are detected and patched on time.

Usually, organizations don't proceed with compromise assessment due to the following reasons:

  • Budget increase

  • Lack of security professionals

  • Lack of resources

  • Time-consuming

1-click compromise assessment

For compromise assessment to be widely incorporated into organizations cyber security strategies it needs to be:

  • Fast

  • Smart

  • Not time-consuming

  • Cost-effective

Binalyze DRONE is a solution that covers all of these points. It is a 1-click compromise assessment solution that has zero configuration and dependencies. It is an innovative new approach built for organizations that need to perform agile, efficient, and remote digital forensics investigations. 

With DRONE, you can gather all collected digital evidence and analyze them just as fast. This capability allows organizations to quickly understand their network by acquiring and analyzing data across all endpoints in minutes. 

Featuring a highly efficient and lightning-fast Compromise Assessment feature, DRONE doesn’t compromise speed and efficiency while delivering best-in-class digital forensics reports.

How to perform compromise assessment quickly

Besides that you can use DRONE for: 

  • Fully remote endpoint assessment

  • Ultra-fast Early Case Assessments

  • Automated Compromise Assessments

  • Rapid keyword searching of forensic evidence

  • Anomaly Detection on endpoint forensic data

  • Support for Sigma rules

  • Decreasing preliminary analysis time to minutes

  • Supporting analysts with less experience to make informed decisions

DRONE is among the first solutions in the digital forensics software pool, built on a foundation that empowers users with much faster speeds and simplified user experience, clearing up the way from heavy and time-consuming traditional digital forensics solutions. 

Find out more about how DRONE can help

When you have an incident on your organization’s network, you need to respond efficiently and with speed. For that, DRONE is the best solution for your investigations. Built to complement the advanced features of Binalyze AIR, DRONE will not only allow you to investigate digital evidence, but together with Binalyze AIR, you can run a full DFIR investigation in minutes.

Try it FREE for 14 days. It takes you 2 minutes to activate the trial.