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Cybersecurity Holiday Guide

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Safeguarding your digital estates between Christmas and New Year.

The Christmas season, despite being more commonly associated with joy and celebration, unfortunately, can also mark a boom time for cyber attacks. As many businesses around the globe wind down for the holidays, cybercriminals gear up, exploiting reduced staffing and more relaxed levels of vigilance. 

This period demands heightened readiness from Enterprise SOCs and those providing response services to organizations that outsource some portion of their security. Let's explore why this season is particularly risky and how Binalyze AIR stands as a formidable investigation ally in this battle.

During Christmas, many organizations operate with a skeleton staff, leading to slower response times to potential threats. Cybercriminals expect and capitalize on this, orchestrating attacks when businesses are the least prepared. Furthermore, the surge in reliance on cloud storage opens additional avenues for cybercriminals to exploit.

The holiday season requires all cyber professionals to be more vigilant than ever. As the frontline defense against these seasonal threats, analysts and investigators have to ensure business continuity and reduce the disruption associated with a potential breach. However, this increased responsibility demands robust, efficient, and versatile solutions.

Binalyze’s cutting-edge DFIR platform, AIR, provides a comprehensive solution for tackling the unique challenges of the festive season and beyond. It’s a critical component for providing a solid defense. Here’s how AIR can support your IR and SOC efforts this holiday season:

  • Providing end-to-end investigation capabilities and deep forensic visibility at speed and scale. AIR allows you to accelerate incident response investigations and threat hunting, regardless of staffing numbers or resources.

  • Cross-Platform Support: Catering to diverse IT estates, AIR’s cross-platform support ensures comprehensive coverage regardless of the underlying systems. AIR provides coverage over Windows, Linux, macOS, cloud (Azure and AWS), and more.

  • Compare: Utilize our patent pending capability to get a snapshot of your devices and servers before the holiday. Your reduced teams can then check their state throughout or immediately after the break to find out what has changed, been deleted, or added and if there are any indications of compromise.


    It’s easy to then use our YARA, Sigma, and osquery features to scan all your assets. You can easily schedule scanning using the AIR API and save your teams from lots of repetitive manual work. 

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  • Remote and automatic evidence collection: AIR allows teams to automatically collect forensic evidence, be that ad-hoc or via a schedule. This also covers remote assets, ensuring rapid response with no need for a full complement of staff to be present in the office during the busy holiday period.

  • AlR allows your IR teams to pre-plan and schedule collections, so all tasks can be actioned even with minimal on-site staffing during the holiday itself.

  • Automated IoC Mapping: The newly introduced Investigation Hub feature in AIR maps Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and findings from automatic evidence analysis to the MITRE ATT&CK framework,  speeding up the investigation of cyber threats. You can read about a use case in our latest blog, where we break down the key steps: Focus investigations with MITRE ATT&CK   


  • Investigation Hub: By providing your SOC team on shift the ability to glance into potentially dangerous, suspicious assets /devices, they’ll know where to focus their investigative attention. This helps to determine if they need to escalate based on anomaly scanning, scoring, and verdicts. It aids collaboration and lightens the investigative load.

  • Webhooks: You can use any of our +20 webhooks to get alerts regarding an incident from your existing XDR, SIEM, or SOAR. And it automatically assigns an acquisition task (collecting evidence). You can also pre-define remediation actions (such as isolation via our open API) on the assets in question. By doing so, you streamline the work that can be done by limited SOC members during the holidays.

  • Binalyze’s dedicated support team is available to assist users, providing an extra layer of security and offers* expertise during this high-risk holiday season.

The Christmas period is not just a time for relaxation but a critical period for cybersecurity vigilance. Having a platform like AIR in your arsenal equips you to face these challenges head-on. Its advanced features ensure that you can quickly identify, analyze, and respond to threats, even when your team is not at full capacity. It’s the perfect investigation ally for this holiday season.

Don’t let cyber threats dampen your festive spirit

Be proactive and ensure your organization is equipped to handle this year’s surge in cybercrime during this vulnerable period. 

Experience the power and efficiency of Binalyze AIR with a free 14-day trial, or if you are already one of our existing customers and need some more training - contact your Customer Success Manager today. They’ll be more than happy to show you more of AIR’s fabulous features. 

Secure your organization’s digital environment and enjoy peace of mind this holiday season with greater confidence in the robustness of your IR capabilities.