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Credence and Binalyze see the power in partnerships

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At Binalyze, we always look at the world from the viewpoint of our customers. How can we add more value, what are their pain points and how do we provide maximum value?

Our vision is to be the world's fastest and most comprehensive DFIR solution. To achieve this goal we need active and ongoing collaboration with our customers and partners. We need to listen to their complex needs and respond with agility, focus and product innovations that ultimately makes their lives easier.

The threat landscape is ever-evolving. As per IBM’s ‘Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021’,

  • the average cost of a data leak is $4.2 million,
  • the cost of ransomware is $4.6 million, excluding the demanded sum of any ransom demand,
  • data breaches that took over 200 days to identify and contain, cost on average $4.87 million,
  • 29% of this average total cost was for detection and escalation costs, mostly consisting of forensic and investigative activities.

To tackle these challenges, Binalyze can now remotely, securely, and automatically collect more than 240 digital forensics artifacts in under 10 minutes. 

Our Timeline, Triage and Drone features help power new collaborative opportunities to complete incident response investigations quickly. Our remote shell module, interACT, dramatically reduces dwell time by reducing costs and the complexity associated with remediating a threat.

It’s about giving back to our customers and partners the most precious commodity available in any business - time. 

Saving time with Binalyze AIR reduces cybersecurity operational costs and help prevent the financial and reputational losses associated with cyber-attacks.

These speed, efficiency and value gains are what led Credence Security to team up with Binalyze in the Middle East, India and Africa region to provide DFIR solutions. Speed and resilience have become the top priorities for every business today and some recent studies indicate that it just takes a few hours for a threat actor to get what they need once they find a gap in systems. 

This has directly led organizations to be more holistic in their DFIR approach and that’s where our unique features and innovative products come into play - helping speed up incident response processes. We’re able to do this by providing full forensic visibility to enterprises and MSSPs at scale.

Yusuf Usta, Lead Solutions Expert from Binalyze shared 'Middle East, India and Africa have always been a priority market for us to provide best-in-class forensics solutions and cater to the investigation needs of various stakeholders.'

Garreth Scott, Managing Director of Credence Security added ‘It’s exciting to bring Binalyze and their solutions onboard to the Credence Security portfolio. As the world's fastest & most comprehensive DFIR suite, we look forward to delivering high-speed investigative solutions to our end-user customers and our partners.'

About Binalyze

Binalyze is the world's fastest and most comprehensive DFIR solution. Our software remotely, securely, and automatically collects more than 240 digital forensics artifacts in under 10 minutes. 

With evidence collected, our Timeline, Triage and Drone features help you to collaborate and complete incident response investigations quickly and dramatically reducing dwell time. 

Binalyze saves you time, reduces cybersecurity operational costs and helps you prevent the financial and reputational losses associated with cyber-attacks.

About Credence Security

Established in 1999, Credence Security, a PAN-EMEA specialty Value-added Distributor, is a leader in Cybersecurity, Forensics, Governance, Risk and Compliance. 

With headquarters in Dubai and regional offices in Johannesburg, London, Nairobi, and Hyderabad. Credence is a pure-play provider of security and forensics solutions, to both public and private sector enterprises across Europe, Middle East, and Africa, through a select network of specialist resellers.

So, if you’re evaluating new partnerships, have concerns about your own cyber resilience or simply curious to see the speed of Binalyze in action, then please get in contact with

For more information, or to arrange a demonstration of Binalyze, contact Credence via their website