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Binalyze's Strategic Commitment to Singapore: A New Chapter in Global Expansion

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In an increasingly interconnected world, cross-border collaboration between nations is imperative to driving growth and innovation. A profound testament to this is the burgeoning relationship between Estonia and Singapore, particularly in the fields of AI, deep tech, biotech, and cybersecurity.

The synergy between these nations has led to significant investment and business growth culminating in the recently signed memorandum of understanding between both countries in 2021, covering start-up collaboration and sharing cybersecurity expertise.

As part of this flourishing partnership, we at Binalyze are thrilled to announce our reinforced commitment to Singapore. This commitment underlines our global and regional expansion plans for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, emphasizing our belief in Singapore's vibrant innovation ecosystem.

Establishing A Strong Presence in Singapore

This month, Binalyze will establish a legal entity in Singapore, with future plans to build out a dedicated office space in Singapore. This strategic move places us in the perfect location to broaden our growth across the South East Asia (SEA) region and broader across the entire APAC region. Singapore’s strategic geographical location and robust economic framework make it an ideal location for Binalyze.

Malina Platon, Binalyze’s Strategic advisor for APAC, shared, “It’s a great time to be in Singapore supporting Binalyze's local sales, marketing, and business development efforts across APAC.

I have seen a growing over-dependence on legacy DF & IR technology, yet people are keen to embrace new and emerging technologies, which creates an environment whereby there’s a receptive audience for DFIR solutions. This represents a great opportunity for Binalyze to help educate the market, create awareness quickly through aggressive marketing deployments and build lasting advocacy for DFIR.”

Emre Tinaztepe, CEO of Binalyze, articulates his excitement, "The rich history of Estonian startups being welcomed into Singapore and subsequently flourishing is an inspiring journey we at Binalyze wish to emulate. Singapore's openness to innovation and collaboration is a beacon for companies like ours, and we're eager to follow in those illustrious footsteps."

“It’s a long-term commitment to expanding our potential market both inside and outside of Singapore.”

A Strengthening Bilateral Relationship

The relationship between Singapore and Estonian companies has seen immense success in recent years, paving the way for further collaboration. These companies have been exploring synergies and strong collaboration, leading to unprecedented growth in technology-driven sectors.

The June opening of a new Estonian embassy and business hub in Singapore is a testament to the commitment of these two countries and the ongoing health of this relationship. It signifies not only a growing diplomatic bond but also a shared vision for innovation, security, and development in the global landscape.


Invitation to GovWare 2023

In line with our vision and strategic expansion, we cordially invite you to join Binalyze and our regional partner, Athena Dynamics, at GovWare 2023.

This event provides an opportunity to experience firsthand the latest technological advancements we’ve made in the field of DFIR and cybersecurity - which have significant security benefits for the public sector.

Being part of this event will give you insights into our AIR platform, why it’s leading a global DFIR revolution, and why it’s going to be a critical component of the future of public sector technology in the region.

Binalyze's expansion into Singapore is not merely a business move but a testament to the powerful relationship between these two nations that share a vision for the future.

Emre continued, “We stand at the threshold of an exciting journey, and we invite you to be a part of it. Our commitment to Singapore, backed by strategic investment, represents a key milestone in our pursuit of excellence and innovation. It underscores the potential that collaboration, ambition, and shared values can unlock, not only for Binalyze but for the broader cybersecurity landscape.

Together, we shape the future. Join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter.”

GovWare will take place between 17–19 October at Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore.

Steve Jackson - SVP of Growth

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