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Binalyze partners with Commtel to deliver DFIR in Pakistan

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Binalyze, the developer of AIR, world's fastest Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) platform, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Commtel, a leading technology company dedicated to providing innovative solutions. This collaboration represents a pivotal moment in the cybersecurity landscape of Pakistan, bringing together Binalyze's cutting-edge technology and Commtel’s' commitment to delivering advanced DFIR solutions.

Digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) play a critical role in cybersecurity, particularly as cyber threats become more sophisticated and pervasive. The partnership between Binalyze and Commtel is poised to bring a paradigm shift to DFIR solutions in Pakistan, empowering organizations to proactively combat cyber threats and with an assumed breach mindset. 

Steve Jackson, SVP of Growth at Binalyze:

"Our partnership with Commtel introduces innovative security solutions to empower organizations, ensuring they are well-prepared for efficient investigations and evolving regulations. Binalyze's AIR platform is not just a product; it's a game-changer in the DFIR space. Offering the world's fastest end-to-end DFIR solution, AIR combines powerful automation, advanced integration features, and a user-friendly collaborative interface which significantly shortens dwell times, enhances cyber resilience, and revolutionizes the way organizations approach incident response."

Saad Alam, Director Sales at Commtel, emphasized the significance of the partnership:

"COMMTEL is committed to offering cutting-edge products and services from global technology companies. Our partnership with Binalyze is a strategic move to provide advanced DFIR solutions in Pakistan, addressing the growing cybersecurity challenges. By integrating Binalyze's revolutionary AIR platform into our offerings, we aim to equip our customers with the most effective tools to enhance their incident response capabilities."

The partnership between Binalyze and Commtel emphasizes a shared commitment to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions with a strong focus on DFIR. This collaboration aims to empower organizations in Pakistan to fortify their cybersecurity posture and respond effectively to the evolving threat landscape with automated and integrated incident response.

About Commtel 

Commtel is a technology company dedicated to solving issues and recommending the right solutions for its customers. Partnering with leading technology companies, Commtel ensures high productivity, quick ramp-up, cultural fit, and top-quality solutions. The company focuses on technology enhancements, allowing its customers to concentrate on their core business while leaving technology solutions to their trusted partner – Commtel.

About Binalyze

Binalyze is the developer of AIR, the world's fastest end-to-end Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) platform. AIR offers powerful automation, advanced integration features, and a user-friendly collaborative interface. The platform assists SOC teams and incident responders in efficiently resolving incident response cases, significantly reducing dwell times and enhancing cyber resilience. Binalyze's suite of capabilities includes remote evidence acquisition, automated intelligence-driven evidence analyzers, and core features such as Triage, Timeline, and interACT remote shell, providing an integrated view of case-related evidence and insights for seamless and consistent investigation management.

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