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Binalyze November 2021 Product Updates

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Welcome to our monthly product updates roundup! Here’s a rundown of the new features and solutions we released in the past month that you can now take advantage of. 

AIR v2.1.5

In the past month, we released a new version of AIR that includes the new Cases management feature that gives you the ability to manage and create new individual cases for your investigations on a completely self-service basis to increase the speed and efficiency of your investigations

Cases feature

With the Cases feature you can: 

  • Acquire, Triage, Timeline, and Assess from within the Case ‘container’

  • Log collaborative notes

  • Keep track of the total endpoints investigated

  • Get itemized billing at the case level

Investigation Case


You can try the new cases feature together with other Binalyze AIR feature set FREE for 14 days at

Forensic Investigation Suite

We launched a new way to use Binalyze AIR that is perfectly aligned for incident responders, forensic investigators, and e-discovery practitioners.

We created FIS (Forensic Investigation Suite) to remove all the friction between DFIR practitioners and their investigation process by reducing the investigation time, delivering easier case reporting, and the ability to come to investigation conclusions in minutes rather than days. All from one platform.

Forensic investigation Suite comes with a flexible new commercial model: 

  • 30-day licensing at the Case level

  • Per endpoint billing

  • Billing capped to 30 endpoints/case 

  • Self-service & automated

  • PAYG or advanced credits

With the release of the Forensic Investigation Suite,  we introduced the Organisations and Cases feature that turn AIR into a multi-tenant case management platform for DFIR investigation. AIR users can now create an unlimited number of organizations from within the management settings. Once you have made AIR multi-organizational, all other features of the platform can be defined and applied to a single organization, multiple organizations, or all organizations.

And as mentioned above the new Cases management feature gives the ability to AIR users to manage and create new individual cases for their investigations on a completely self-service basis to increase the speed and efficiency of investigations.

Watch the demo

To get total insight on how the Forensic investigation Suite works and how it can benefit you watch the demo presentation below.


Become a FIS Partner

Become a Binalyze FIS partner simply by sending an email to and your 1st case is FREE.

TACTICAL USB Dongle Licence

Binalyze TACTICAL is a standalone evidence collector for traditional DFIR situations that offers the fastest and most comprehensive digital evidence collection on the market.

Now, TACTICAL is available as a USB Dongle with a perpetual license. With TACTICAL you can:

  • Collect 260+ types of digital evidence with 1 click

  • Define custom content profiles for specific evidence requirements

  • Protect acquired evidence from ransomware

  • Run evidence collection remotely from the command-line

  • Get comprehensive forensic snapshot + USB storage history with one solution

You can make Binalyze TACTICAL a part of your toolkit today by visiting this link. Which of these new updates and solutions will you be trying today? See you next month for more.