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Binalyze & Netsmart now deliver enterprise forensics in Turkey

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Binalyze, the World’s leading provider of advanced Enterprise Forensics and Incident Response solutions, today announced it has partnered with Netsmart as a channel distribution partner for Turkey.

Binalyze is in the process of aggressively expanding its channel across key strategic markets globally and the partnership with Netsmart is the first of several that will be made in the coming weeks.

Steve Jackson, VP of Growth at Binalyze commented “Finding partners that understand and share our vision for Binalyze as the category-defining Enterprise Forensics solution is a critical goal for 2022 and our continued growth.”

“Partnering with Netsmart in the important Turkish market brings tremendous value to Binalyze. Netsmart’s trusted reputation, long-standing relationships within the enterprise security marketplace and excellent pre-and post-sales support capability will help us accelerate our efforts. We are looking forward to developing a strong business with them in Turkey.”

With its unique approach, Binalyze provides the market’s fastest and most comprehensive evidence collection, triage, enterprise forensics, and Incident Response (IR) investigation platform.

“Today, speed and resilience are the top priorities for every business. Recent studies demonstrate it takes just a few hours for a threat actor to get what they need once they find a gap in your systems,” commented Emre Tinaztepe, CEO and Founder of Binalyze. “With a single click, Binalyze AIR creates a well-structured digital forensics report in under 10 minutes. Even better, you can fully automate this process by integrating AIR with any SIEM/SOAR solution on the market!”

“Enterprise Forensics is a relatively new and quickly developing domain,” said Tinaztepe. “It unlocks traditional digital forensics processes and tools for use at scale within corporations of all sizes. This new capability adds additional resilience to your security posture by shortening the dwell time from breach to remediation. Our mission at Binalyze is to continue innovating in, and defining, Enterprise Forensics.”

“There are a couple of reasons why we chose Binalyze. I can say that one of the most important of these reasons is the Automatic Incident Response solution.” commented Özgür Mıdık, Managing Partner at Netsmart.

“We have been supporting SIEM and analytics tools in our customers' SOC structures for a long time. The biggest problem here is that the procedures and processes applied for the outputs at hand are mostly manual. We have witnessed many times that when a breach occurs, the most important asset, ‘time’, is lost due to these manual processes.” 

“Moreover, you have to repeat the same tasks every time an event occurs. Not to mention that manual processes are prone to human error. We believe the right automated incident response solution can elevate security processes across organizations and help minimize the potential damage an incident can cause to organizations. That's why we added Binalyze to our solution family.”

To read more about Binalyze, visit our blog, follow us on Twitter, or check us out on LinkedIn.

About Binalyze

Founded in 2018, Binalyze has quickly earned a reputation within the DFIR community as a trusted and innovative company. The company aims to create simple, smart, and high-performance solutions that meet modern Digital Forensics and Incident Response needs. Binalyze’s team of researchers and security experts is redefining Enterprise Forensics for the benefit of businesses worldwide.

Founded by Emre Tinaztepe, the company has grown to a team of 40 with headquarters in Estonia and an office in the US. For more information, visit

About Netsmart

Netsmart is an IT service and solution provider specialized in Information Security. Netsmart is made up of an expert team of dedicated security specialists and is supported by leading technology partners focused on Information Security.

Netsmart provides local and international clients with a rich portfolio of services and solutions. Netsmart creates solutions and provides advanced technical support services to clients from different industries to help them focus on their core business. Netsmart’s clients include many of Turkey's top 500 companies, a large number of multinationals, and leading companies in the IT, finance, pharmaceuticals, logistics, insurance, e-commerce, industry, energy and retail sectors.

For more information, or to arrange a demonstration of Binalyze, contact NetSmart via their website at, email or call +90 212 274 31 61

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