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Binalyze and Binary Defense Join Forces

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Binalyze, a leading provider of digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) software solutions, announced today that it had formed a strategic partnership with Binary Defense, a top-tier Managed Detection and Response (“MDR”) and enterprise defense provider. The partnership will bring together the strengths of both companies, enabling Binary Defense to offer enhanced DFIR services for its customers.

Through this partnership, Binary Defense will integrate Binalyze’s AIR, a state-of-the-art digital forensics and incident response platform, into its existing portfolio of services. This will allow Binary Defense’s customers to benefit from the industry-leading features of AIR, including fast and accurate endpoint triage, efficient digital forensics investigation, and comprehensive incident response capabilities.

“We are thrilled to partner with Binary Defense, a leader in the MDR and enterprise defense,” shared Mark Bartig, VP of Sales (US) at Binalyze. “This partnership will enable us to combine our expertise in the DFIR space, providing cutting-edge technology to provide an unparalleled DFIR service to Binary Defense’s current and future customers.”

By automating the collection, analysis, and triaging of endpoint data, Binalyze’s DFIR platform AIR enables customers to more quickly and accurately identify and contain security incidents. Binary Defense will use the platform to enhance its remote ‘Analysis On Demand’ and ‘Incident Response’ capabilities while reducing Mean Time to Remediation (MTTR) for customers, further reducing the potential impact of a security breach. 

“This partnership with Binalyze will allow us to bolster our already impressive security offerings to customers and provide them with the most advanced and efficient DFIR services on the market,” said Dave Cronin, Vice President of Technical Alliances at Binary Defense. “We are excited to work with Binalyze to further strengthen our DFIR capabilities and to protect our customers from cyber threats. It’s great to be working with a company that shares our customer-focused principles and is focused on providing an excellent solution, intuitive user experience, and providing increased value.”

The partnership between Binalyze and Binary Defense is expected to bring significant benefits to both companies and their customers. By combining Binalyze’s innovative technology with Binary Defense’s expertise in MDR, incident response, digital risk protection, and threat hunting, the partnership will help organizations enhance their overall security posture and effectively respond to all DFIR security incidents with speed and scale.

About Binalyze

Binalyze is the creator of the world’s fastest and most comprehensive DFIR solution, AIR.

AIR remotely, securely, and automatically collects over 350+ digital forensic artifacts in under 10 minutes.

With evidence collected, its Timeline, Triage, interACT, and DRONE product modules help you analyze, investigate, collaborate, and complete incident response investigations quickly to dramatically reduce dwell time.

Binalyze’s AIR saves you time, reduces cyber security operational costs in your SOC, and helps you prevent financial and reputational losses associated with cyber attacks.

About Binary Defense

Binary Defense is a Managed Detection and Response service provider and software developer with a Managed Open XDR model covering endpoint, network, cloud, and other log sources to supply high-fidelity threat detections. When paired with its advanced Threat Hunting, Counterintelligence, Digital Risk Protection, and Incident Response services, the company offers a comprehensive enterprise defense portfolio. 

Binary Defense demonstrates conclusive proof of superior capabilities in detecting intruder activity, and this rapid detection, combined with expert analysis and response, decreases cyber risk for businesses.

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