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Binalyze and ADEO Partnership

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ADEO Cyber Security is a leading provider of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions and is one of the world’s leading MSSP companies in supplying advanced forensics and incident response solutions to the broader IT sector. 

To bolster this effort, ADEO Cyber Security is joining forces with Binalyze to offer the world’s fastest DFIR solution. Thanks to this new partnership, ADEO will be able to collect and analyze evidence at great speed, processing cyber attacks in the fastest, most accurate, and complete way. 

In an effort to improve cyber resilience, analysts will now be able to see the traces of any attacks throughout the ADEO MSSP infrastructure. This will give a big benefit in the investigation post-cyber attack, but also in the pre-breach and detection phases. Improving the threat posturing against any potential cyber attackers. 

Halil Öztürkci, ADEO's Deputy General Manager for Strategy, pointed out that rapid detection, fast response times, and collaboration were three of the most significant factors during cyber-attacks, in reducing costs and impacts from a breach.

“The 'prevention' phase has always been prioritized in the cyber security industry up to this point, but it’s simply impossible to prevent cyber attacks 100 percent of the time. We need to change our mindset; given the realities of the environment, we’re all operating in.

At ADEO, we anticipated this new reality and, over time, started designing our services to strengthen the 'detection' phase. 

Our goal is to detect and block attack attempts as early as possible by collecting information and telemetry from more sources. The most critical factor here, of course, is speed. 

Being able to work with more than 350 pieces of evidence, gathered in less than 10 minutes is a game changer. It’s such a pleasure to be working with Binalyze and to be a solutions partner.”

Within the scope of MSSP services, Halil Öztürkci continued:

"We provide our customers with the right solution they need by bringing together the best technologies that exist. That’s due to our 20+ years of experience, and history of successfully delivering projects in the field."

Ahmet Öztoprak, Enterprise sales manager for Binalyze META shared, “ As a category-defining Digital Forensics and Incident Response solution provider, meeting with like-minded business partners,  who understand and share our vision is always very exciting.  

It’s about us being able to forge relationships and move forward with the same goal. With AIR, we know we have an excellent product, so it’s about getting it in front of new customers and growing our user base throughout 2023. 

Our partnership with ADEO Cyber Security  for the Turkish market will supercharge that effort and help bring AIR to more prospective customers. 

We want to contribute more to the industry in advanced forensics and incident response.”

In a world where it is no longer possible to be completely protected against cyber attacks, the most important step you can take is to get detailed and comprehensive visibility, at the forensic level and as quickly as possible. It’s about giving your incident response teams the best tools and information to detect and respond to a breach, all contained in an efficient platform from a single pane of glass. 

Emphasizing the power of having everything on a single screen, Ahmet Öztoprak said, “With Binalyze AIR, we’ll be increasing our coverage on the cloud with further capabilities being launched throughout 2023.

By collecting evidence within minutes, especially over cloud platforms, we’ll be able to facilitate an immediate response to incidents that occur remotely, on-premise, via the cloud and hybrid systems. This will ensure rapid resolution of cyber incidents, decrease case closure times and case management workloads.

We’re only just getting started with Binalyze AIR, and I’m looking forward to collaborating with ADEO and contributing much more to the industry with our mission of being a leader in DFIR”.