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[New Release] Binalyze AIR supports SFTP

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SFTP home run. This Friday we will release the latest version of Binalyze AIR  [1.7.35] which will include a number of powerful new features that will be announced individually in the run up to the launch.

Today we will talk about one of the most requested features that will solve the secure upload of evidence files during incident response acquisition.

Secure Evidence Files Upload

SFTP is a separate protocol packaged with SSH that transfers files over a secure connection. The biggest advantage lies in the ability to leverage a secure connection with a pre-set username and password to transfer evidence files. 

We saw the importance of this feature so we incorporated it right away in our product roadmap. In the upcoming future we will support various cloud storage providers: Amazon, S3, Azure Storage, and Google Cloud Storage

TUTORIAL: How to Use SFTP in Binalyze AIR

Simple UX in combination with robust and effective features is what makes Binalyze AIR the upcoming DFIR platform that will make life easier to the DFIR community.

Let’s start:

  1. Open Binalyze Air dashboard and click on “Settings”



2. In the settings menu choose “Evidence repository”



3. Click on “+ New repository”



4. A slide window will open where you will create your SFTP profile. Once you finish click on “Save”



5. Now that you have created a SFTP profile go back to the main dashboard and click on any endpoint.



6. Click on “Acquire” and a slide window will open where you can see in the “Save to” section that you can choose to upload evidence files either local or on evidence repository. Click on “Evidence repository” and select your already created SFTP profile.



Give it a try. Download a free trial of Binalyze AIR here:

*Note: The new features will be available starting from this Friday.


We will have a pre-release live event on Thursday (1st April) where our CEO will showcase the new features and its functionalities.

You can register on Teams.

Also, we will have a live Q&A discussion during the event so make sure to join our Discord channel.