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Automated Incident Response

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Imagine this: It is 4 AM, and you are in your deep sleep, having the best dream where you drink sangrias on a lovely beach somewhere on the South coast. Are you enjoying it? Oh, I bet you do. Now, I have to wake you up because there is a critical alert coming from your phone. 

You hate me already? Keep reading.

Being already in the mood where you hate the whole world, you see on your phone that there was a breach in your network. Since you can’t connect remotely, you have to go to the office, alert all your organization and investigate everything manually. All this time, you know that the attack is spreading rapidly through your network. Everything is just a mess, and you hate the world even more.

Don’t hate – automate

Now imagine how vastly different that experience would be with automated incident response capabilities. As soon as some malicious activity has been detected in your network and an alert is created, your SIEM sends a trigger to our AIR platform that automatically responds by isolating the infected machines and starts investigating it. 

And what about your role? Oh, you continue sleeping worry-free.

By implementing effective automated incident response solutions, you can stay in control 24/7. The point is to set up the system and playbooks, create the right alerts, deploy a fast and powerful IR solution to your endpoints, and you have it all. 

Make your security team life easier

Automated incident response (IR) refers to the proactive and systemic response to a security breach. It makes it possible for your SOC team to respond to critical incidents in real-time and triage alerts more efficiently.

It is like having an insurance policy – a guarantee that all steps are taken to ensure nothing is missed. To optimize the efficiency of your SOC team, and make their life easier at the same time, you need built-in out-of-the-box automated IR solutions, which will greatly improve your organization’s security posture and your SOC team’s agility. Imagine having this: real-time information that will streamline the incident response actions from one single place.

Finding the right solution for your organization

Relying on manual digital forensics methods is no longer an option. When a breach hits, time is your biggest asset, and with a manual approach, you only waste time because you have to repeat the same set of tasks every time an incident occurs. 

The right automated incident response solution can elevate your security processes across your organization, and help in minimizing the potential damage an incident can cause to your organization.

AIR is a powerful and automated IR solution that makes the entire incident response process faster and more efficient. Out-of-the-box, AIR delivers essential functionalities like:

  • 1-click Timeline creation
  • Automated trigger tasks from your SIEM/SOAR/EDR
  • Task scheduling on critical assets
  • Easy integration with any service via webhooks
  • Isolation feature that lets you remotely isolate a machine from your network with a single click 
  • Remote evidence acquisition (150+ evidence types)
  • Generating a comprehensive report in less than 10 minutes

And on top of it, it is lightning fast and easy to use.

Watch the product demo where our CEO showcased all AIR features and capabilities or get your 14-day FREE Trial of Binalyze AIR and start your enterprise forensics journey today.

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