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Collaborative Timelines

1-click Timelines

Create comprehensive event timelines in a single click and just a few minutes. Expand the scope of your timeline as the investigation proceeds to reach the correct conclusions quicker.

digital forensics event timeline

Automated Timelining

With a single click, AIR creates a comprehensive timeline of a single or multiple endpoints in minutes.

Event Flagging

Flag events of interest with a severity scale and collect flagged events for streamlined management reporting.

Realtime Collaboration

Collaborate remotely and in real time with other analysts directly on the AIR platform.

Enrich with Milestones

Add anecdotal evidence obtained during the investigation process i.e. HR intelligence, timings of real world events etc.

Import CSV Data 

Use AIR’s 4-step, format agnostic CSV importer to enrich your timeline with mapped data from Cloud systems, firewall logs and much more.

Add Additional Endpoints

Easily add additional endpoints to your timelines as your investigation progresses and lateral movement is identified.

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