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Management Features


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Enterprise-grade Cyber Resilience Platform

AIR is an enterprise solution and has enterprise-grade features to facilitate its management in line with your corporate policies and security requirements.

Global Policies

AIR has a system of cascading policy definitions. Global policies are created as defaults to define acquisition profiles, evidence repositories, CPU usage, and more.

Custom Policies

Policies at the organisation, group or individual endpoint can be created where it is necessary to override the global policy.

Active Directory

Integration with Active Directory automatically creates and maintains your organisational structure within AIR.


Access to the AIR management console can be securely controlled using Single Sign On and 2 Factor Authentication.


AIR’s native Organisations feature allows for additional business structure definition and access management making AIR a multi-tenant for managed service providers.

Users, Roles & Permissions

AIR includes a highly granular roles and users definition system, with more than 80 different variables, to tightly control access permissions throughout your security team.

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On Premise & SaaS

AIR can be delivered as an On Premise (inc. offline), Private Cloud or SaaS based solution. Our Docker architecture makes deployment a breeze.

Lightweight Passive Agent

AIR’s endpoint agent is passive making it extremely lightweight on resource usage at just 0.01% CPU and 14MB RAM.

Auto Backup

Configuration of backup locations and scheduling of auto-backups can all be configured in the AIR management console.

Audit & Syslog

Extensive, tamper-proof audit logs are kept by the AIR platform locally and can also be integrated with your Syslog servers.

Endpoint Isolation

AIR’s endpoint isolation feature allows you to remotely isolate a machine from the network, in seconds, while still performing actions from the AIR management console (acquisition, triage, timeline etc).

Reboot & Shut Down

Endpoints can be remotely rebooted or shut down from the AIR management console.

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