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Compromise Assessment

DRONE leads the way

Find the relevant events in your digital forensic evidence quicker and with less resources using DRONE, AIR’s rapid, assisted compromise assessment module.

compromise assessment

Modular Forensic Analysers

DRONE’s modular architecture passes forensic evidence through a number of relevant analysers to find the anomalies for you.

Findings, Verdicts & Scores

Our proprietary scoring algorithms deliver findings, verdicts and scores to guide your decision making processes and significantly speed up the investigation.

Live YARA & Sigma Scanner

DRONE has embedded YARA scanning capabilities and, uniquely, Sigma scanning capabilities on the live endpoint.

Rapid Keyword Search

DRONE’s flexible keyword, regex and wildcard searching capabilities provide powerful compromise assessment in just a few minutes. Search for domains, IP addresses, file names, hashes and much more.

Enriched Acquisition Reports

In just a few minutes DRONE enriches the evidence acquisition report flagging events of interest on a scale of severity.

Zero Config Deployment

Rapid and simple zero config deployment directly from the AIR management console or manually on the endpoint as a standalone USB product.

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