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Unlock the potential of Binalyze AIR, the innovative Investigation and Response Automation platform powered by forensic visibility. Download the brochure to learn more about how Binalyze AIR can revolutionize your incident response strategy and processes.

Trusted by Organizations Worldwide
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Rapid Evidence Acquisition

Imagine being able to gather all the digital clues you need, fast and without leaving your desk. That's what Binalyze Air does - it's like having a superpower for digital investigations.


Cross Platform Coverage

Beyond cloud integration, Binalyze Air supports a wide range of platforms, ensuring a thorough and seamless investigation process across all digital environments.


Scalable Solution

Whether you're a small team facing big challenges or a large enterprise with complex needs, Binalyze Air scales to match. It's like having a custom-fit solution that adapts to your organization's size and cyber defense demands.

Shrink investigation time
from weeks to hours


Binalyze AIR is like my dream solution.
 We are now able to investigate the cases faster with granular visibility.

Head of Threat Detection and Response at DigiFors


With AIR, I can respond remotely to incidents much faster and more efficiently

Owner, Infiltration Labs


With Binalyze AIR we can now investigate and close a case under 1 hour, which would normally take more than 3 weeks in the past.

SVP Cybersecurity, Turkish Airlines


I’ve been so impressed with Binalyze AIR I’ve actively encouraged former colleagues to go and check it out. 

DFIR Lead, CyberClan