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Binalyze AIR


Revolutionize your investigations with the Binalyze Forensic investigation Suite

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Forensic Investigation Suite Guide

Binalyze AIR Enterprise Forensics Guide

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Binalyze launched a new way to use Binalyze AIR that is perfectly aligned for incident responders, forensic investigators, and e-discovery practitioners.

FIS (Forensic Investigation Suite) removes all the friction between DFIR practitioners and their investigation process by reducing the investigation time, delivering easier case reporting, and the ability to come to investigation conclusions in minutes rather than days. All from one platform.

Binalyze AIR Console
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Evidence Acquisition

Built on our proprietary IREC engine, collecting digital forensic evidence from any endpoint on your network is just a few clicks on the AIR management console.

AIR collects over 150 different types of evidence and is finished in under 10 minutes.


150 evidence types collected in under 10 minutes

Compromise Assessment

Find the relevant events in your digital forensic evidence quicker and with less resources using DRONE, AIR’s rapid, assisted compromise assessment module.

DRONE has more than 20 modular analysers, as well as powerful keyword, YARA and Sigma searching, to guide you to the critical evidence in just minutes.


compromise assessment
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